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A52 Classroom & O ice • Fasteners
Super Value Pack— 1,000 Paper Clips!
Push Pins
Precision–crafted solid plastic heads. 7⁄16" anchored steel pins. Box of 100. $1.99 Each
CHL200AR Assorted Colors CHL200CL Clear
Smiley Face
Fancy Push Pins
Add some fun and flair to your bulletin board! Assorted colors. Pack of 16. $1.99 Each
Book Rings
Nickel plated finish. Simple opening
Paper Clip Dispenser
Convenient magnetic dispenser keeps paper clips at your fingertips. Paper
Paper Clip
High quality gem clips drawn from the finest steel wire. Pack of 10 boxes,
Jumbo Paper Clips
Vinyl coated clips are bright, colorful and rust-resistant. Assorted colors.
1". Box of 100 11⁄2". Box of 100 2". Box of 50 3". Box of 10
$11.99 $13.99 $10.99
clips sold separately.
100 clips per box. CHL201E Standard CHL301E Jumbo
Safety Pins
2" length. 144 per bag.
$3.49 $9.99
Tub of 200.
Durable nickel plated steel thumb tacks. 3⁄8" head. Box of 100.
CHL912 $.99
Binder Clips
Tempered spring steel construction is corrosion-resistant. Nickel plated handles fold flat when not in use. Box of 12.
CHL2RBP 1⁄2" CHL3RBP 3⁄4" CHL4RBP 1" CHL6RBP 11⁄2"
$1.49 $1.59 $2.39 $4.29
Map Tacks
Paper Fasteners
3⁄8" solid plastic heads. Rust resistant steel pins. Ideal for pin pointing map locations. Assorted colors. Pack of 20.
Thumb Tacks
Brass plated fasteners have stiff shanks and sharp points. Box of 100.
CHLBC10 CHL30410 Pack of 10
Mini. 1⁄4" capacity $.49 Small. 3⁄8" capacity $.49 Medium. 5⁄8" capacity
$1.29 Large. 1" capacity $2.99 Assorted sizes and colors. $1.69
Ceiling Hooks
Easy on and off, just open and close on ceil- ing grid. Made of clear plastic that is virtually invisible. Pack of 2. ADM1900993040
CHL68512 CHL68520
11⁄4", Box of 24 2", Box of 12
$12.99 $8.29
Magnetic Spring Clips
Versatile clips feature strong spring action and rust-resistant finish.
and firm closure.
Assorted Color Metallic Book Rings
1" diameter. Pack of 50.
Ceiling Hanglers® Grid Clips
Each hanger features a twist-on grid clip with a white clothespin attached by a 48" long coated string. Adjust the length by wrapping extra string around the ceiling attachment. Pack of 10. STK33032 $7.99
Rubber Bands
Ceiling Hanglers®
Grid Clip Put-er Up-er
Installation Tool
Allows you to put up twist-on grid clips without standing on ladders, stools, desks or chairs. Fits on most standard threaded poles, not included. STK33035 $4.29
Suction Cup
Combo Pack
The perfect fastener for smooth, non-porous surfaces: glass tile, glazed porcelain, fiberglass. Includes 2 large, 4 medium, and 4 small suction cups. Pack of 10. ADM9761993040 $3.99
Ideal for heavy-duty applications and long wear. 100% pure rubber. Assorted sizes.
Natural Color
CHL56381 13⁄8 oz. Bag $1.49 CHL56154 4 oz. Dispenser Box $2.49
Assorted Colors
CHL56385 CHL56317
13⁄8 oz. bag
BIG Rubber Bands, 7" x 1⁄8". Pack of 12
$1.49 $1.49
Rubber Band Ball, 3$"5.99

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