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STK01320 STK01420
Pack of 20 Pack of 30
$4.99 $6.39
Fasteners & Adhesives • Classroom & O ice
Surebonder® Plus Series
Glue Guns
The perfect tool for crafts, floral, school, and do-it-yourself projects! Plus Series Glue Guns have insulated nozzles to help protect against burns, side fins that let you work and lay down your gun without glue back up, and a safety fuse that shuts off your glue gun in the event of a short.
Mini Glue Guns, 10-Watt
FPRGM-160F High Temp $4.99 FPRLT-160F Low Temp $4.99
Standard Size Glue Guns, 40-Watt
FPRH-270F High Temp $8.99 FPRDT-270F Dual Temp 13.49
Surebonder® All-Purpose
Hot Glue Sticks
All-temperature hot melt adhesive that works at either low or high temperature for everyday gluing projects. Clear color with 60-65 second working time.
Unique adhesive sticks to any surface and is remov- able and reusable. Will not harm surfaces or papers and never dries out. Each clip holds several sheets of paper.
Sticks to all kinds of surfaces without damage or messy adhesive residue. Remove, reposition and use again and again without adding or replacing adhesive.
Pack of 4 white hooks.
STK02000 STK02050 STK02100
StikkiWAX®. Pack of 6 sticks StikkiDOTS®. Pack of 50 dots StikkiDOTS®. Pack of 100 dots
$3.49 $3.49 $5.19
4", Pack of 25 4", Pack of 100
$4.49 $9.99
Colorless Reusable Adhesive
Unique wax-based formula never dries
out and never loses its holding power! All-surface adhesive is perfect for temporary or permanent holding. Won’t stain surface.
Mini Size
5⁄16" diameter.
Standard Size
7⁄16" diameter.
$2.49 FPRDT-20 4", Pack of 20
$8.49 FPRDT-2010 10", Pack of 20
Magic Mounts®
Remarkably Removable!
Easily removes from painted concrete block, drywall, or temporary walls. These hold strong and won’t remove paint or tear paper!
® Cling Thing
Display Strip
Mounting Tape
Chart Mounts, 1" x 1" MIL3226 Pack of 40 MIL3227 Pack of 80
Hook ‘n Loop
Hook & Loop Fastener
An easy, no-mess way to fasten things together. The hook & loop interlock for a strong hold. Both hook &
MIL3238 MIL3239 MIL3241
1" x 48" 1" x 72" 3⁄4" x 18'
$5.49 $10.29
$3.89 $6.09
$7.19 $7.19 $4.09 $7.09
loop are self-adhesive.
Sticky on both sides! Turn any smooth surface into a mes- sage board. No pins, no holes. Display Strip removes easily. Apply the strip on walls and in halls. 11⁄2" x 12' roll. Blue. MIL3289 $10.19
Mounting Tabs, 1⁄2" x 1⁄2"
MIL3249W MIL3250W MIL3256W MIL3258W
HYG45118 HYG45105 HYG45215 HYG45210
Hang posters, art projects, and more! Works on most interior surfaces. Reusable, non-toxic. 2 oz.
$1.99 Each HYG6502 Blue HYG6503 White
$3.49 $14.99 $3.49 $11.99
MIL3220 MIL3221 MIL3225
Pack of 64 Pack of 160 Pack of 480
$1.69 $3.69 $7.29
7⁄8" Squares, 60 sets 5⁄8" Dots, 60 sets
3⁄4" x 30" Roll
3⁄4" x 60" Roll
3⁄4" x 18" Roll
3⁄4" x 15' Roll
5⁄8" Coins, 15 sets 5⁄8" Coins, 100 sets
DAP® BlueStikTM Gluing Made EasierTM
No more holes in walls and no more chipped, peeled paint. Sticks to just about anything, including slick
or hard surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, concrete, porcelain, metal, and paint- ed surfaces. 1 oz. package. DAP01201 $2.59
Reusable Adhesive
Removable, reusable, clear, double-sided adhesive dots. Ideal for posting notes, photos, and other lightweight items to most smooth surfaces. Leaves no sticky residue. 1" diameter.
LAN104 Pack of 12 LAN106 Pack of 48
$4.95 $14.95
Magnet Tape in Dispenser
Flexible and extra thin—no added bulk! Features light adhesive and light magnet holding power. For delicate arts and crafts projects or hanging paper or photos. 3⁄4" x 25'.
DMC735001 $7.99
Adhesive Magnet Dots & Strip
Display student work or post announcements on your whiteboard! Features strong adhesive backs and light magnet holding power. Hang paper or create lightweight craft projects.
DMC735007 DMC735003 DMC735005
3⁄4" Magnet Dots, Pack of 100 1⁄2" Magnet Strip, 10' Roll
1" Magnet Strip, 10' Roll
$5.99 $4.50 $6.50

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