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Scissors • Classroom & O ice A55
Carbo Titanium Adult Scissors
Carbonitride Titanium Bonded blades are 8x harder than untreated stainless steel and will stay sharper longer. Reinforced high strength handle with ergo- nomic comfort bows. 8" straight. Lifetime warranty.
Westcott® Kids Scissors
Extra strong and durable stainless steel safety blades. Molded, asymmetrical handles allow for either left- or right-handed use. Assorted neon colors. 5".
Kids Ergo Jr.TM
Spring Scissors
The first and only scissors developed with the U.S. Ergonomics organization.
Patented design improves a child's wrist posture, strength and efficiency when cutting. Designed specifically for ages 4–6. Assorted colors. 5". $3.99 Each
ACM16670 Blunt ACM16671 Pointed
Westcott® Economy
Safety Scissors
Rust-proof blades with guarded blade tips. Ambidextrous, assorted colors. 51⁄2" Blunt. ACM10545 $.89
Soft Handle Kids Scissors
Soft handle with stainless steel safety blades. 5". Classpack includes 12 scissors in assorted colors
Westcott® Titanium Bonded®
Adult Scissors
Blunt Pointed
$3.95 ACM13130 ACM13131
$65.00 ACM16656 ACM16657
Titanium bonded blades are 3 times stronger than stainless steel alone. Corrosion resistant. Contoured soft grip handles. 8" straight. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
ACM13529 $12.99
Expert Ultra Resistant
Titanium Adult Scissors
High performance scissors with heavy duty titanium blades are 3 times as strong as standard steel! Lightweight, yet durable enough for any cutting job. Ergonomic handles made of 79% recycled plastic. Corrosion resistant. 81⁄4". Lifetime warranty. MAP686110
Maped® Ultimate Adult Scissors
Double-Soft Comfort® handles eliminate painful pressure when cutting. Precision ground stainless steel blades provide long lasting sharpness and durability. Ambidextrous. 81⁄4". Lifetime warranty. MAP697710 $6.99
Cushion Grip Adult Scissors
High quality, stainless steel shears. Precision ground blades for consistently clean cutting. Comfortable
Children’s Scissors
Easy to hold scissors for small hands. Handles have one oblong side to allow better control. Universal design is ideal for both right and left handed use. Stainless steel blades with molded plastic handles.
Assorted colors. 5".
$.79 Each
CHL77510 CHL77505
Blunt Tip Pointed Tip
cushion grip handles. CHL80700 7" Straight CHL80825 81⁄4" Straight
Spring open action for controlled cutting. Loop $2.79 handle, blunt point. 8".
$2.99 ACM10239 $7.80
Maped® Sensoft Left-Handed Kids Scissors
3D ergonomic handles are flexible for optimum comfort. A true left-handed scissor with inverted blades. Assorted colors.
MAP693500 5" Blunt Tip $2.79 MAP696510 61⁄2" Pointed Tip $3.79
Spring-Assisted Kids Scissors
For the early learner or special needs student. Scissors open automatically with spring action for
Blunt Tip Pointed Tip
$2.09 ACM14726 ACM14727
Classpack of 12
$19.99 ACM15971 ACM15972
Safety shield completely covers blade!
Safety First! Scissors
Blunt Tip Pointed Tip
$2.49 MAP670220 MAP670120
Classpack of 12
$28.99 MAP670249 MAP670149
Beginner’s scissor that makes clean cuts. Protected
with clear stand-up rack.
assisted cutting. Assorted colors. 5"L. MAP379248 Single
$2.49 $23.90
Classpack of 10
Maped® Soft Grip
Kids Scissors
5" scissors feature ambidextrous handles with soft-touch ergonomic grip for maximum comfort. Stainless steel 3" blades. Assorted colors.
blades allow safe and sharp cutting.
Westcott® Handi-Squeeze Scissors

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