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A60 Classroom & O ice • O ice Essentials
Zipper Bags 3-Pack
Keep cash, documents, and other belongings organized in these sturdy zipping polyester bags. 111⁄3"W x 61⁄3"H. Set of 3. LHL6503 $19.95
Honeywell Steel Cash Box
Ideal for locking up cash and other small valuables, each Cash Box features a key lock with 2 keys, scratch-resistant powder coat finish, pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware, removable tray with additional storage under- neath, and a convenient carry handle.
LHL6113 Deluxe Cash Box. 113⁄4"W x 91⁄2"D x 4"H $42.95
LHL6202 Small Cash Box. 8"W x 61⁄2"D x 31⁄2"H $24.95
Honeywell Key Lock Cash
& Document Zipper Bag
Blue zipper security bag includes a key lock with 2 keys and a plastic window with ID card for labeling purposes. 111⁄4"W x 83⁄4"H.
LHL6505 $39.95
Honeywell Key Box
Key Security Box features key hooks with key rings and tags included, key lock with 2 keys, scratch resistant powder coat finish, and predrilled holes and mounting kit.
LHL6105 24-Slot Key Box. 73⁄4"H x 61⁄3"W x 3"D $28.95
LHL6106 48-Slot Key Box. 93⁄4"H x 8"W x 3" $36.95
Bazic® Clasp Envelopes
Top-loading, brown craft envelopes fea- ture a gummed flap and 2-prong clasp.
Avery® Easy Peel®
White Address Labels
for Laser Printers
Sure FeedTM technology labels are designed for a reliable feed through your printer. Bend the unique Easy Peel® label sheet to expose the Pop-up Edge® for fast peeling. FSC® certified paper. Easy to cus- tomize with free templates and designs using Avery Design & Print ( 81⁄2" x 11" sheets for laser printers. $50.33 Each AVE5160 1" x 25⁄8" label size, 3000 count
AVE5161 1" x 4" label size, 2000 count
Box of 100.
BAZ5071 6" x 9"
BAZ5072 9" x 12"
BAZ5073 10" x 13"
Bazic® #10 Self-Seal
Security Envelopes
$21.00 $23.99 $33.99
Stamp Pads
Self-adhesive strip for easy closure. Tinted for privacy. 41⁄2" x 91⁄2". Box of 500. BAZ5064 $28.99
Thick foam pads provide clean, crisp impres- sions. 23⁄4" x 41⁄4" sturdy plastic hinged casing. Non-toxic inks. Re-inkable. $1.99 Each
Letter Opener
Sharp metal blade opens effortlessly and is concealed to prevent additional cuts. Assorted colors.
BAU67130 $1.49
CHL92220 Black CHL92230 Red CHL92215 Blue
CHL92225 Green CHL92260 Purple
First Aid Only® Large 50-Person
Plastic SmartComplianceTM First Aid Cabinet
This unique plastic cabinet design eliminates disorganized and missing sup- plies. The clearly labeled compartments create a cabinet that is easy to use and restock. Smart Tab ezRefill reminder tabs notify you when it is time to reorder supplies and puts reorder information at your fingertips. Cabinet measures 131⁄4" x 141⁄4" x 4”. Meets ANSI Compliance and OSHA Standards.
FAO90608 First Aid Cabinet with Medications
FAO90613 Refill Kit
assorted sizes.
$179.95 $109.95
Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs
Hot/cold pack can be frozen for cold use or boiled for hot use. 41⁄2" x 63⁄4". Box of 12 gel packs. FAO13463-001 $32.95
25-Person First Aid Kit
Ideal for classroom or field trips. 113-piece kit includes alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, bandages,
first aid cream, instant cold pack, scissors, tape, tweezers, gloves and a first aid guide.
First Aid Only®
First Aid Only®
Assorted Bandage Box Kit
Durable, neatly organized assortment of 150 plastic and fabric bandages in

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