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Balloons • Classroom & O ice A63
Funsational® Balloons
Durable latex balloons are suitable for helium or air. Perfect for classroom décor, parties, dances, and more! Made from 100% natural latex, they are biodegradable and decompose as fast as an oak leaf. 2
12" Tye-Dye Balloons
Multicolor tye-dye pattern. Assorted colors. Pack of 6. PBN58021 $1.79
12" Happy Birthday Balloons
Celebrate classroom birthdays or those of famous people being studied. Printed both sides. Assorted colors. Pack of 8. PBN57449 $1.79
12" Mickey Mouse® Happy Birthday Balloons Celebrate a birthday with favorite Disney® characters printed on both sides. Assorted colors. Pack of 6. PBN72419 $3.69
12" Smiley Face Balloons
Fun way to celebrate any event or reward good behavior. Printed both sides. Yellow. Pack of 8. PBN57447 $1.79
12" Stars
All Over Balloons Star pattern continues around entire balloon. Assorted colors. Pack of 8.
Congratulations Party Banner Balloons
12" connectable balloons create a 10' banner! Perfect for any type of celebration. Assorted colors. Pack of 10.
PBN11191 $7.79
Red Foil Heart
on a Stick Air-filled 9" micro-foil heart on a balloon stick. Perfect for fund raiser or to express a thank you. Inflation straw and stick included. PBN58913 $2.79
Assorted Color Balloons
Vibrant, festive colored balloons are great for displays, centerpieces, birthday parties, special events, crafts, paper mâche projects and more!
PBN93003 PBN25590 PBN25594
5", 288 count 9", 144 count 12", 144 count
$16.99 $14.49 $19.99
16" Foil Letters & Numbers
Durable air-filled micro-foil balloon, complete with a self-sealing valve. Built-in tabs for easy hanging. Fun classroom décor or an exciting, hands-on way to introduce children to letters and numbers! 16" flat, 131⁄2" inflated. $2.79 Each
16" Gold Letters
PBN59434 A PBN59436 B PBN59438 C PBN59440 D PBN59442 E PBN59506 F PBN59508 G PBN59510 H PBN59512 I PBN59514 J PBN59516 K PBN59518 L PBN59520 M
PBN59522 N PBN59524 O PBN59526 P PBN59528 Q PBN59530 R PBN59532 S PBN59534 T PBN59536 U PBN59538 V PBN59540 W PBN59542 X PBN59544 Y PBN59546 Z
16" Silver Numbers
PBN59081 0 PBN59083 1 PBN59085 2 PBN59087 3 PBN59089 4 PBN59091 5 PBN59093 6 PBN59095 7 PBN59097 8 PBN59099 9
Graduation Bouquet in a BoxTM
7-piece instant professional quality balloon bouquet kit includes two 18" micro-foil printed graduation balloons plus five 11" printed helium quality latex balloons and curling ribbon. PBN45693 $11.29
17" Jumbo Red Balloons
Jumbo round balloons are perfect for classroom games, parties, and more. Pack of 3. PBN67043 $4.49

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