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Giant & So  Blocks • Blocks & Construction Play 39
SiliShapes® Soft Bricks
Made to fit a young child’s hand with ease and can be stacked, placed and arranged into patterns or sorted. They interlock in a row or around a corner. Made from a special see-through silicone in 4 colors which is soft and flexible to the touch and safe to handle. Set of 24. Ages 11⁄2+
CTU9214 $39.99
WonderFoam® Blocks
Colorful shapes of super high density foam have precise edges to make building and stacking easy. Largest block measures 61⁄4" x 31⁄8".
Imaginations are unstoppable with this deluxe set of soft foam blocks that stack and interlock with ease. The light- weight blocks in four sizes and four bright colors inspire and create quick connectors for hours of free-form and build- ing fun. 96 pieces. Ages 3+
40 pieces 68 pieces 152 pieces
$46.09 $127.39
WonderFoam® Carpet Tiles
Soft-textured, carpeted foam tiles are a colorful and versatile classroom tool! Link them together to create large blocks or a rug, or use them as individual seats for children around the room. Easy to clean and vacuum-friendly. Durable enough for outdoor use. Includes reusable zipper bag for storage. Tiles are 12" x 12" each.
WonderFoam® Puzzle Mats
These large, easy-to-handle 10" x 10" foam pieces interlock to form mats, shapes, structures. Tough zippered storage
Alphabet. Set of 26
Shapes. Set of 9
Expansion Pack. Set of 4 includes one each of red, blue, yellow and green. $12.19
bag has a durable handle. PACAC4381 Alphabet, 52 pieces PACAC4382 Numbers, 20 pieces
$40.79 $25.49
$91.29 $33.49
ImagiBRICKSTM Giant Building Blocks
Corrugated cardboard blocks are printed with non-toxic inks and feature a water-resistant coating for years of creative play. Large blocks measure 12" x 6" x 3";
Medium blocks are 6" x 6" x 3";
Small blocks are 6" x 3" x 3".
Ages 11⁄2+
Giant Building Blocks
SMT1016 16-piece Set. 16 large red
SMT1024 24-piece Set. 4 large red, 6 medium yellow, 14 small blue SMT1040 40-piece Set. 8 large red, 8 medium yellow, 24 small blue
Giant Rainbow
Blocks 24-piece Set
$33.99 24 large blocks, 6 each red, $33.99 green, orange, and purple. $41.99 SMT4024 $41.99
Giant Construction Blocks 24-piece Set
16 large timber blocks (12" x 6" x 3") and 8 giant cinder blocks (12" x 6" x 6").
SMT5024 $45.99

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