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40 Blocks & Construction Play • Wood & Cork Blocks
Made from Eco-Friendly Rubberwood!
Branch Blocks
Natural and unscripted play pat- terns emerge through organic building and dramatic play inspi- ration. Intact textured bark on each building piece adds sensory exploration mirroring the inherent benefits of outdoor play. 36 pieces. Ages 3+
GD-6770 $39.95
Farm animals not included.
Unit Blocks
Unit Blocks foster a multitude of cognitive and physical skills in a young child such as teamwork, fine motor skills and basic STEM concepts. These eco-friendly rubberwood blocks feature smooth sanded edges and a lifetime guarantee. Ages 2+
GD-2101B GD-2111B GD-2121B GD-2141 GD-2151
Set A, 28 pieces Set B, 56 pieces Set C, 84 pieces Set D, 135 pieces Set E, 218 pieces
$50.00 ≠ $100.00 ≠ $150.00 ≠ $300.00 ≠ $500.00 ≠
Rainbow Bricks
Giant visually stunning building bricks made from beautiful rubberwood with colorful trans- parent acrylic inserts. Can be used in building and stacking with double and half sized bricks. Set includes 36 pieces (24 large, 12 small) with rounded corners and colorful inserts. Large brick: 73⁄4" x 3" x 3". Small brick: 4" x 3" x 3". Ages 1+
CTU9361 $199.99
Colored Wood Blocks
KORXX Building Blocks
Imagine lightweight building blocks that are safe to stack to towering heights, quiet when they tumble down, eco-friendly and an absolute blast to play with. Constructed with durable cork, these blocks feature surprising building characteristics that gives them more flexibility than traditional hardwood,
such as increased friction and a slight sponginess. Ages 3+
100 wooden blocks in 4 colors and 9 shapes for your little builder to stack, build, and knock down! Bright, non-toxic colors add to construction and sorting fun. Ages 3+
LCI481 $19.99
Eco-Rounds with Storage
Six sizes of round blocks to build tow- ers and spires. 43⁄4"L x 21⁄2"W x 11⁄4"H. ELR19279 Assorted, 40 pieces
$125.00 ELR19280 Natural, 35 pieces $90.00
Eco-Blox with Storage
43⁄4"L x 21⁄2"W x 11⁄4"H.
ELR19244 ELR19247 ELR19246
Assorted, 38 pieces
Natural, 35 pieces
Natural, 60 pieces
Big Eco-Blox
Our biggest Korxx blocks allow kids to construct life-sized towers, while the natural cork ensures a soft landing when they tumble down. 7"L x 31⁄2"W x 31⁄2"H. Natural, 14 pieces.
43⁄4"L x 21⁄2"W x 11⁄4"H. Natural,
140 pieces.
ELR19245 $320.00 ELR19251 $160.00

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