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Community Block Play • Blocks & Construction Play 41
Block Science Big Block Trucks
Sturdy wooden trucks are designed to teach children about simple machines and STEM concepts. Also encourages teamwork, social interaction and self-expression. Each truck measures approximately 143⁄4"H x 51⁄2"D x 83⁄4"L. Ages 3+ $99.95 Each
Tow Truck
Wrecking Ball
Community Buildings
Durable block play set includes 6 recognizable destinations: Fire Station, Police Department, Hospital, School, Grocery Store, and Service Station. Each plywood building has a mini- mum 31⁄2" entrance and exit to allow vehicles to pass through. Approx. 61⁄2"W x 53⁄4"H x 61⁄2"H. Set of 6. Ages 2+
GD-6716 $79.95
Dump Truck
Cement Mixer
The Guidecraft Roadway System is ideal for large group play! Build teamwork, cooperation, and sharing skills! Shown in use: GD-6713, GD-6716, and GD-6717, each sold separately
Contains 42 road pieces!
Community & Roadway Essentials
The complete classroom block play accessory collection! Includes 6 vehicles, 12 traffic signs, 3 traffic barrels, a mailbox, 6 community workers and two separate 4-piece family sets. 36 pieces. Ages 2+
Block Play Traffic Signs
Teach sign recognition and safety at
an early age. All-wood, sturdy, non-tip bases, perfect for the tabletop or floor. 7"H. Set of 13. Ages 3+
GD-309 $21.95
Roadway System
Set includes varied sizes and shapes
for countless roadway configurations! Durable, hardwood veneered pieces are 5" wide and can be easily put together and taken apart like puzzle pieces. Sizes range from 21⁄2" to 15" long. 42 pieces. Ages 2+
GD-6713 $79.95
Community Play Rugs
Durable, woven rugs are incredibly soft to the touch and feature a skid- proof backing and reinforced border binding. Plenty of room for vehicles of all kinds! Ages 3+
LCI9400 Round the Town Road Rug,
39" x 36". Includes
4 wooden cars $29.99
LCI5191 Jumbo Roadway Activity Rug, 58" x 79". Includes 4 wooden traffic signs $69.99

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