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42 Blocks & Construction Play • Creative Building
Build models two ways–by simple stacking or by using Playstix’s unique Snap & Lock feature. Put your imagination and creativity to the test–think of something, then build it! Includes Idea Booklet. Ages 4+ 1
Jumbo Playstix®
Just like the original Playstix, only bigger! And, Jumbo Playstix comes in a handy tub making clean up and storage a snap for little builders. Includes 80 jumbo pieces (including 4 jumbo tires), 10 double-sided idea cards, and instruction booklet. Ages 2+
PPY90000 PPY90001 PPY90004 PPY90030
Playstix®, 150 pieces Deluxe Set, 211 pieces Super Set, 400 pieces Play Base, 131⁄2" x 71⁄4"
$24.99 $49.99 $84.99
Lunar Rover
Battle Tank
Mystery Car
These translucent colored pieces seem to magically blend together when you stack, nest and interlock them. Discover an endless variety of colorful shapes and patterns you can make on your own, or be inspired by our Idea Booklet which shows over 100 colorful patterns and shapes to make. Ages 3+
Transparent Set
Playstix® Master Set
Translucent jewel-like colors reflect light and will add real sparkle to anything you build. Then light up your creations with the Playstix Light Board–just plug it into any USB pow- er source with the included 6' cable and enjoy a dazzling array of colors created by powerful LED lights! Ages 4+ 1
For those builders who expect more! We’ve added 20 new detailed pieces including an engine, bumpers, wings, racing seat, real rubber tires and tracks, bulldozer bucket, revolving steering wheel and propeller, radar unit, and laser gun. 141 pieces. Ages 4+ 1
PPY90015 PPY90035
Playstix®, 105 pieces 7" x 7" Light Board
$24.99 $17.99
Just sort by size and color, then stack, nest, and balance to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes! Pieces are large enough to be held easily by small hands. Includes 12 Hexacus pieces and over 100 examples of easy to chal- lenging patterns and shapes to build. Ages 2+
TM Monkey Blocks
Big tiles designed for big imaginations! Easy- to-manipulate 21⁄2" pieces snap together to form large-scale mosaics on the floor or table. Includes 96 Hexie-Snaps in 8 colors, 20 easy-to- follow idea cards, and a large plastic carrying tub. Ages 2+
Ready to learn the secret behind these amazing blocks? Hidden weights! Orange blocks are weighted on one end, green blocks are weighted in the middle, and gray blocks have no weight at all. Knowing the location of the weight allows you to stack Monkey Blocks in ways that appear to be impossible. Includes 12 blocks, 6 monkeys, and Idea Booklet illustrating over 30 gravity-defying shapes
to build. Ages 3+ 1
PPY50111 $19.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Gravity Defying Blocks!

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