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Blocks & Construction Play • Magnetic Construction
Innovative construction system developed especially for young children features chunky magnetic cubes that attach to one another on all six sides. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, little ones are able to create different shapes, color combinations and even 3D structures! Ages 1–5
Single Color Cubes
GMW147 GMW148 GMW149
Set of 8 Set of 24 Set of 64
$59.99 $149.99
MagicubeTM Classroom Set
Single color cubes. 128-piece bulk pack.
Multicolor Cubes
GMW120 Set of 30 GMW129 Set of 64
Story Building Sets
$89.99 $159.99
Clips that turn Magicubes into a land of fairy tales! Magicubes sold separately. 135-143 pieces per set. $34.99 Each
My First SmartMax®
Young children can safely discover the magic of mag- netism with the all-new “My First” collection. Build & drive your own train, play with the animals and the conductor or “mix & match” to create the craziest combinations! Extra-large, soft touch parts easily click onto SmartMax® bars, and are 100% compatible with all other SmartMax® sets.
Ages 1–5
My First Farm Tractor
Includes tractor, farmer, and 2 horses.
GMW231 GMW232 GMW233
Three Little Pigs Jack & the Beanstalk Nursery Rhymes
My First Animal Train Includes train, conductor, one elephant and one lion. 22 pieces. SMX410 $29.99
22 pieces.
My First
Farm Animals Includes horse,
cow, sheep, pig, chicken and rooster. 16 pieces.
My First
Safari Animals Includes hippo, lion, giraffe, crocodile, elephant and rhino. 18 pieces.
SMX220 $19.99
SmartMax® Basic Building Sets Magnetic Discovery System
The strongest and safest STEM-focused magnetic construction system available! Magnets can carry 60x their own weight, and have the ideal strength for easy assembly and break-down of constructions. Colorfully-illustrated booklets in each set present construction projects from easy to advanced. Ages 1+
SMX310 30 pieces SMX501 42 pieces SMX907 70 pieces
$44.99 $69.99 $99.99
SmartMax® Build & Roll
Mega Ball Run
Build the ultimate ball track with this amazing magnetic construction set! Mega Ball Run contains special parts including tubes and X-shaped bars with
4 magnetic ends. All parts can be combined with all existing SmartMax® sets, creating an endless range of possibilities! 77 pieces. Ages 3+
SMX600 $119.99
Magnetic building set features pieces to build ball run sets! Both the lid and the bottom of the sturdy storage unit offer unique building grids to help you on your way to building original and colorful structures. All parts can be combined with existing SmartMax® sets. Includes colorful building guide. 44 pieces. Ages 3+
SMX909 $59.99

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