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Magnetic Construction • Blocks & Construction Play 47
Mag Builder®
Colorful, oversized, pieces are easy for small hands to hold. And, they magnetical- ly snap together and come apart again and again! Unlike many construction toys, there is no “correct way” to build with Mag Builder, allowing children to develop abstract thinking skills. Includes idea sheet illustrating over 20 models. Ages 2+
PPY18301 PPY18302 PPY18304
Mag Builder®, 20 pieces $34.99 Mag Builder®, 30 pieces $49.99 Rolling Base. Base with real rubber tires for Mag Builder vehicles
GeomagTM NEW!
Confetti Sets
Amazing fun with an explosion of colors! Create an unlimited number of structures using steel spheres and magnetic bars in 4 bright colors. Unleash your imagination! Ages 3+ 1
TeguTM Blocks
Tegu Blocks bring open-ended imaginative play to the classroom with the feel of all natural wood and the powerful wonder of magnets. Designed around a 30mm module, all Tegu Blocks work together, no matter what shape, size or color. Sustainably harvested Central American hardwoods. Safe, non-toxic, water-based finishes. Ages 1+
GMW351 GMW352 GMW353 GMW354
35 pieces 50 pieces 88 pieces 127 pieces
$29.99 $39.99 $69.99 $89.99
TEG14P-TNT-306T TEG24P-SNS-508T TEGM-12-059
Tints 14-piece Set Sunset 24-piece Set Wheels Accessory 4-Pack
$35.00 $65.00 $15.00
$220.00 $300.00
Classroom Kit in Tints
TEG90P-TNT-608T TEGK-12-001-SJG
Shape & Space
90-piece Set 130-piece Set
GeomagTM Education Kits
Made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and different shaped panels, this Swiss-made product is the symbol of the magnetic construction system that has brought worldwide recognition to the Geomag brand. Thanks to these simple components and the magic of magnetism, endless 3D structures can be created with total freedom of imagi- nation and creativity.
Introductory set ensures all students find the elementary principles of Euclidean
geometry fun, easy to grasp and stimulating. 164 pieces. Ages 3+ 1 GMW222
Shape & Space Panels
Build concrete models and make real-life comparisons with 2D polygons,
Students are introduced to the basic concept of magnetic polarities and create controlled magnetic reactions before progressively tackling more challenging tasks such as building and reinforcing a bridge span. 260 pieces. Ages 10+ 1 GMW225 $199.00
3D forms and much more. 324 pieces. Ages 5+ 1 GMW224
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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