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Dolls • Dramatic Play 51
Large 18" vinyl body dolls are soft and poseable with realistic eyes and features. Includes diaper; clothing sold separately.
Poseable Infant Dolls
Ages 1+
MTB850GN Caucasian MTB852GN African American
Infant Doll Clothes
$44.95 Each MTB854GN Hispanic
MTB856GN Asian
Working elevator & lift-open garage door!
Hi-Rise Dollhouse & Furniture Set
Giant 3-story play house features a natural-wood frame with open sides making it easy to access
Set of 3 outfits for 18" dolls. Dolls sold separately. Ages 1+
$29.95 Each
MTB1300 Girl Doll Clothes
Multicultural Dolls
MTB1301 Boy Doll Clothes
every room. Some assembly required. 30"H x 231⁄2"W x 13"D. Ages 3+ 1 LCI2462
Comes complete with 15 pieces of furniture and 3 poseable play figures!
16" full vinyl body dolls with rooted hair. Dolls have poseable head and limbs and can stand upright. Each doll comes with machine washable ‘everyday’ clothes (style/color may vary). Ages 3+
Doll Clothes
$34.95 Each
MTB633 MTB634 MTB635
African American Boy MTB636
For 16" dolls. Durable fabrics, machine washable. Color may vary. Each set includes 4 outfits.Dolls sold separately. $29.95 Each
MTB1320 Sports Clothes
MTB630 MTB631 MTB632
Doll Carriage
Doll carriage has 6" wheels and heavy duty steel axles. 24"H x 211⁄2"W x 119⁄16"D. Weight 15 lbs. WD-11700 $170.00 ≠
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Caucasian Girl Caucasian Boy African American Girl
Hispanic Girl Hispanic Boy
Asian Girl Asian Boy
Set of all 8 Dolls $259.95
Quality designed doll furniture featuring 100% plywood and our exclusive Tuff-Gloss UV finish.
MTB1321 Career Clothes Rounded corners and edges for maximum safety. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty.
Doll Furniture Doll Cradle
103⁄4"H x 211⁄2"W x 119⁄16"D. Weight 11 lbs.
WD-11600 $125.00 ≠
Doll High Chair
24"H x 121⁄2"W x 1111⁄16"D. Weight 15 lbs.
WD-81100 $97.00 ≠

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