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Play Figures
Soft and friendly characters are a wonderful addition to block play or anytime creative fun! Chunky, plastic figures measure approx. 5" x 2" x 2". Cleans easily with soap and water. Ages 11⁄2+
MTB625 MTB626
Multicultural Families Set of 4. $29.95 Each MTB625 Caucasian Family MTB626 African-American Family MTB627 Hispanic Family MTB628 Asian Family
Multicultural Families Complete Set
Set of all 4 families. 16 pieces. MTB624 $110.00
Community Helpers
Set of 8.
MTB620 $49.95
Animals & Community • Dramatic Play 53
Magnetic Mix or Match Animals
What do you get when you mix a tiger, crocodile, elephant, and a giraffe together? An- swer...four new species you won’t find at your local zoo! Of course you can also assemble them as nature intended, by matching colors or visual memory. Ages 2+ $29.99 Each
Tiger, Elephant, Crocodile, & Giraffe
Farm Animals
Cow, Horse, Dog, & Sheep
Count, stack, and enjoy mix-and-match fun with easy-to-grasp peg pals that make a variety of different characters! Ages 2+
Stacking Farm
Includes 24 indi-
vidual pegs that make 12 complete animal friends. LER3376 $19.99
Peg FriendsTM
Around the Town
Includes 27 individual pegs that make 9 complete 3-part pegs.
LER3375 $19.99
Around the World
Set of 8.
MTB621 $49.95
Fold & Go Barn
Two-story, wooden barn is
stocked with 7 realistic plas-
tic farm animals, sliding barn
doors, a wooden ladder and
a folding corral. 131⁄2" x 101⁄2"
x 7". Ages 3+ LER0810 LCI3700 $49.99
Includes 6 each of 10 farm animals!
Opens for easy play access!
Farm Animals
Realistically detailed animals are perfect for creative play, counting, sorting, and storytelling activities. Horse mea-
Product Safety See inSide front cover
sures 2". Set of 60. Ages 3+ 1

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