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Community • Dramatic Play 55
Dantoy® Digger
This tough digger tractor features moveable parts and holes in the bottom so that sand can be drained!
Dishwasher safe. Over 12"L. Ages 1+
Dantoy® Tractor & Trailer
Magnetic Mix or Match® Vehicles
Assemble one-of-a-kind vehicles of yoru own design with finished models in realistic colors! Set of 3.
Ages 3+
Construction. Dump Truck,
Tow Truck, and Front End Loader Police. Police Car, Armored Car, and Helicopter
$29.99 Each
PPY60318 PPY60317
A tractor with extra hauling power! Features holes for sand to flow through. Dishwasher safe. 16"L. Ages 1+
PPY60315 PPY60316
Space.Space Rover, Space Shuttle, and Space Ranger
Fire & Rescue. Fire Truck, Boat, and Plane
Magnetic Build-A-TruckTM
Put them together and take them apart again and again! Colorful pieces are easy to hold and our magnetic locking system makes assembly and disassembly a snap. Make a variety of different trucks that roll on real rubber tires! Chassis measures 51⁄2" x 43⁄8". Ages 2+ $29.99 Each PPY60401 Build-a-Truck Construction. Use 6 pieces to build a bulldozer,
cement mixer, dump truck, backhoe, or any combination PPY60402 Rescue. Build a fire truck, police SWAT truck, ambulance,
or any combination. NEW!
Magnetic Build-A-Vehicle
Mix and match magnetic pieces to design your own car, boat or truck! Our hidden magnetic locking system allows you to snap pieces together and take them apart again and again. Ages 3+ 1 $19.99 Each
Magnetic Mix or Match Vehicles®
Combination Sets
The amazing toy that lets you build over 1,000 different vehicle combinations! Our magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap. Set of 7. Ages 3+ $54.99 Each
PPY60311 PPY60312
Mix or Match Vehicles 1+3. Includes plane, train, boat, car, seaplane, hot rod, and fire truck
Mix or Match Vehicles 2+4. Includes helicopter, steam train, pickup truck, submarine, wheel loader, land speed racer, and tow truck
PPY60101 PPY60201
Build-a-CarTM. Use 11 pieces to build a coupe, sedan, pickup, crew cab, sport SUV, or full sized SUV
Build-a-BoatTM. Use 10 pieces to build a fireboat, tug boat, freighter, oil tanker, fishing boat, or the boat of your dreams
1-2-3 Build It!TM Rocket-Train-Helicopter
Kids develop early engineering skills as they build a rocket, train, and helicopter (one at a time) with mix-and-match pieces and a chunky play wrench. Ages 2+
LER2859 $24.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
3 building sets in one!

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