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Wooden Puppet Theaters
Interchangeable marquis signs allow children to use as a Puppet Theater, Toy Store, Market, or whatever their imaginations dream up! Cotton canvas side cur- tains and front curtains with Velcro tie-backs enhance the theatrical experience. Some assembly required.
GD-51072 GD-51073
Floor Theater. 24"W x 15"D x 511⁄2"H.
$139.95 ≠ Tabletop Theater. 28"W x 91⁄2"D x 251⁄2"H.
Includes 4 marquis options!
Puppets • Dramatic Play 57
Dressed Animal Puppets
Perfect for story telling and puppet shows! Each animal is beautifully dressed in vibrant materials and stands about 18" tall. Ages 1+ $31.99 Each
PUC009903 PUC009902 PUC009906 PUC009907 PUC009908
Mr. Rabbit Mrs. Rabbit Owl
Hand Puppets
These four-piece hand-puppet sets make it easy for children and caregivers to role-play together! Made with brightly patterned, washable fabrics and built to last, these soft and sweet hand puppets are sure to
Puppet Buddies
Made in soft fabric for a really soft touch
$19.99 Each LCI9088 Fairy Tale Time: Little Red Riding Hood
and finish. Approx. 10" tall. PUC004604 Cat PUC004607 Cow PUC004618 Labrador PUC004613 Frog
$9.99 Each PUC004611 Elephant PUC004620 Lion PUC004623 Pig PUC004621 Owl
be go-to toys for years! Ages 2+ LCI9080 Farm Friends LCI9081 Zoo Friends LCI9086 Jolly Jobs
PUC004627 Sheep PUC004614 Giraffe
Community Helper Puppets
These friendly puppets help teach about safety, health and community. Embroidered eyes. Approximately 11". Set of 10 includes farmer, construction worker, fire fighter, police officer, teacher, postal worker, chef, nurse, doctor and surgeon. Ages 1+
MTB469 $99.95
Bigmouth Animal Puppets
These soft and cuddly 14" puppets have moveable mouths and embroidered eyes! Great fun for kids and adults, comfortably fits all hands. Quality plush fabric is washable. Set of 10. Ages 1+
MTB200999 $119.95

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