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60 Dramatic Play • Play Foods
Load up your pizza with favorite toppings!
Top & Bake Pizza Counter
Create fresh-baked pizza, made to order! Start with felt sauce and cheese on the wooden crust, choose your toppings, then slide it into the pizza oven. Pieces stick together with self-stick tabs and can be sliced with the rolling wooden cutter. Includes wooden paddle, grated cheese shaker, pizza box,
and more. 34 pieces. Ages 3+
Wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Set
Lift the lid and pop in one of three coffee pods (regular, hazelnut, or mocha) and turn the knob to choose the serving size! Too hot for coffee? Add the included ice cube to make it “iced.” 11 pieces. Ages 3+
Mix up some delicious pretend-play fun with this realistic
et wooden mixer!
Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer S
Turn dials to “adjust speed” and use the crank to turn the bowl that fits the mixer. Wooden ingredients include two pats of butter and a two-part egg, both of which have self stick tabs that can be sliced through with the child-friendly wooden knife. Ages 3+
Baking Play Set
Condiments Set
Wooden Play Food
Colorful wooden pieces are smooth-sanded and durable. Ages 3+
Cutting Food
LCI487 30 pcs. $19.99
Food Groups
Promote creative play and imaginative thinking with these food-grade baking tools made of pre- mium materials like stainless steel and solid wood, sized just right for little hands. 20 pieces. Ages 3+
The salt and pepper really “shake,” the hot sauce really “pours,” and the ketchup and mustard “squirt” string! Handy metal caddy keeps everything organized. Ages 3+
LCI271 21 pcs. $19.99
Fridge Food
LCI4076 9 pcs. $19.99
Slice & Bake Cookie Set
Pizza Party
Pantry Products
LCI4077 9 pcs. $19.99
Birthday Party
LCI4074 30 pcs. $19.99
LCI167 63 pcs. $19.99
LCI511 34 pcs. $19.99

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