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68 Classroom Literature • Leveled Readers
Complete Library
Includes 80 fiction readers, each with colorful illustrations, 80 non-fiction readers, each with real-life photographs,
FantailsTM Book Banded Readers
Fantails are a collection of book-banded readers (each with 16 pages). They have controlled levels according to a student’s reading age.
Each collection can be used alongside other popular reading schemes.
and 10 holders.
$19.99 Each
JRL440 Lilac Non-Fiction (A) JRL441 Pink Non-Fiction (A-B) JRL442 Red Non-Fiction (B-D) JRL443 Yellow Non-Fiction (C-F) JRL444 Blue Non-Fiction (D-H) JRL445 Green Non-Fiction (G-J) JRL446 Orange Non-Fiction (I-J) JRL447 Turquoise Non-Fiction (J-K) JRL448 Purple Non-Fiction (K-M) JRL449 Gold Non-Fiction (M-N)
JRL979 JRL429
Set of 10 Holders
$350.00 $29.99
Fiction readers use vibrant illustrations to support the story
8 Readers per set.
JRL430 Lilac Fiction (A) JRL431 Pink Fiction (A-B) JRL432 Red Fiction (B-D) JRL433 Yellow Fiction (C-F) JRL434 Blue Fiction (D-H) JRL435 Green Fiction (F-G) JRL436 Orange Fiction (H-I) JRL437 Turquoise Fiction (I) JRL438 Purple Fiction (K-L) JRL439 Gold Fiction (L)
Non-fiction readers use real-life photographs to support the story
Alphabet Connections
A unique approach to teaching letter recognition and phonemic awareness! This series comprises 26 photo-illustrated books each introducing one letter of the alphabet (both upper and lower case) and based around a curriculum-focused theme. Each title features embossed upper and lower case image of the back cover. Set of 26 books, 8 pages each. Grades K–1 CAP9781625211996 $129.74
Wonder Readers
A Nonfiction Guided Reading Program for Levels A–M
Wonder Readers is a collection of 118 precisely leveled books to help early readers who are learning to read and to support early fluent readers as they become inde- pendent readers. Text to picture match helps students understand information. Grades PreK–1
Emergent Level
Levels A-E. 36 titles, 8 pages each.
Early Level
Levels F-I. 44 titles, 16 pages each.
Fluent Level
Levels J-M. 38 titles, 16 pages each.
CAP9781429698405 $215.64
CAP9781429682763 $263.56
CAP9781429682770 $227.62

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