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Social/Emotional & Math Topics • Classroom Literature 71
How to Make
These charming Disney stories gently present social and emotional learning concepts to young readers in an entertaining way. 32 pages. Grades K–3
a Rainbow
A Crayola® Color Story
Let’s make a rainbow! The sky is our labo- ratory. We can use the colors all around us! Where can you find red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet?
32 pages. Grades PreK–3 LPB154152172
Disney Learning Everyday Stories
Crayola® Concepts
Vibrant photos and engaging text present early childhood concepts with a splash of Crayola color. Each title encourages readers to create art inspired by the world around them. A special feature shows the Crayola colors that appear in photos throughout the book. 24 pages. Grades PreK–3 $6.99 Each
LPB1512455679 LPB1512455687 LPB1512455695
LPB1541514505 LPB1541555058
Comparing Sizes Counting Opposites
LPB1512455709 Patterns LPB1512455717 Shapes LPB1512455725 Sorting
Set of all 6
Spanish Set of all 6 NEW!
$41.94 $47.94
$7.99 Each LPB1541532848 LPB1541532880 LPB1541532929 LPB1541532961
Be Mindful, Donald! A Mickey & Friends Story Hotheads: An Inside Out Story
Just Like Me? A Frozen Story
Who Needs a Hug? A Finding Dory Story
Set of all 4
Math Is CATegorical®
Pairing clever rhyming verse with comical cartoon cats, these books help children add up just how fun math can be! 32 pages.
Grades K–3
LPB0822566958 LPB1580138438 LPB1580138446 LPB1467713805 LPB146772629X LPB146772050X
$7.99 Each
The Mission of Addition
The Action of Subtraction
How Long or How Wide?: A Measuring Guide A Fraction's Goal — Parts of a Whole
A Dollar, a Penny, How Much and How Many? A Second, A Minute, a Week with Days in It:
A Book About Time
Math Literature Set
This set of 7 popular paperbacks teaches important math skills in an accessible, fun, storybook format. Through lovable characters, colorful illustrations, and interesting plots, children will learn such skills as counting, number recognition, division, problem solving, measurement, and geometry.
HOU9780618891122 $45.82
Now Available in Spanish!
MySELF: Social Emotional Learning Foundations
24 Stories Build Social & Emotional Intelligence
Stories told from diverse perspectives enable children to learn about relationships and feelings. The inside back covers offer real-world connections with prompts that help children manage and discuss emotions. Grades PreK–1
I Have Feelings
Includes: My Happy Day; The Day I Felt Sad; I Was So Mad; Don't Worry, Mason; Are You Scared, Jacob?; and Jealous of Josie.
I Get Along with Others
Includes: Thanks for Sharing, Tommy; I Can Be Kind; I Show Respect; That's Not Fair!; Charlie is Responsible; and Be Honest, Jess.
NL-2270 English $25.50 NL-3321 Spanish $26.94
I Believe in Myself
Includes: I Can Make a Plan; I Am
a Star!; Don't Give Up!; Let's Get It Started; Dylan's Questions; and I Will Find a Way.
NL-2272 English $25.50 NL-3323 Spanish $26.94
NL-2269 English NL-3320 Spanish
I Am in Control of Myself
Includes: Are You Listening, Jack?; I Can Follow the Rules; I Can Stay Calm; Be Patient, Maddie; I Take Turns; and Clean Up, Everybody.
NL-2271 English
NL-3322 Spanish
$25.50 $26.94
$25.50 $26.94
MySELF Complete Set
All 24 titles
NL-2221 English $102.00 NL-3319 Spanish $107.76

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