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Lapboards & Magnetic Manipulatives • Language Arts 75
Complete Magnetic
Phonics Program
This comprehensive phonics program
builds basic phonics skills through
hands-on sorting and word building
activities. Students work through a
systematic sequence of step-by-step
activities using the colorful magnetic
tiles and any magnet board or
magnetic surface (not included).
Grades K–2 1 $34.95 Each
PC-4019 Level I. 54 picture tiles and 26 letter tiles PC-4020 Level II. 56 picture tiles and 36 letter tiles
Rainbow Phonics
Magnetic Letters
Practice sounding out and building words with this complete phonics magnetic set including 84 magnetic foam letters and a unique built-in magnetic board! Color- coded letters include vowels, consonants, digraphs, vowel digraphs, changeable vowel sounds, r-controlled and split digraphs. Grades K–2 1 JRL194 $24.99
Rainbow Letters
Color-coded magnetic letters feature vowels in red and consonants in blue. Includes 2 sets of the alphabet and an extra 2 sets of vowels. Perfect for use with CVC Word Strips, sold separately. Approx. 1–1 1⁄2". 62 pieces. Grades PreK+ 1
JRL196 Rainbow Letters
JRL198 CVC Word Strips. 24 double-sided magnetic word strips with a word frame on
one side and the word printed on the other.
Shown in use with JRL198 CVC Word Strips, sold separately.
Durable 9" x 12" lapboards can be used with all dry erase markers.
CHL35036 CHL35025 CHL35030
1-Sided, Plain 1-Sided, Lined 2-Sided, Plain/Lined
CHL35130 2-Sided, Plain CHL35135 2-Sided, Plain/Lined
$6.39 Extra Felt Erasers
$6.99 CHL74520 2" x 2". Pack of 12
CHL35100 CHL35115 CHL35120
1-Sided, Plain 1-Sided, Lined 2-Sided, Plain/Lined
Jumbo Classroom Pack NEW!
$2.79 lapboards, 30 dry-erase markers, and 30 student erasers.
$9.99 $19.99
Alphabet Arc
This double-sided magnetic arc features the alphabet on one side, a rainbow
on the other, and is over 20"W x 10"H! Comes in four quadrants, great for teach- ing sequencing of letters. For use with JRL196 Rainbow Letters, sold separately. Grades PreK+
JRL197 Alphabet Arc $9.99 JRL356 Activity Cards, set of 50$14.99
Lapboard Classroom Packs
Durable 9" x 12" lap boards can be used with all dry erase markers. Classroom Packs include 12 lapboards; 12 black, dry-erase markers; and 12 felt erasers. Low odor markers are AP Certified non-toxic.
CHL35040 2-Sided, Plain CHL35045 2-Sided, Plain/Lined
$87.99 $96.99
$36.99 $47.99 $69.99
$1.99 Super-value 90-piece set includes 30 single-sided plain
$4.69 CHL35090
Little Red Tool Box Literacy Manipulatives
The quiet, easy-grip magnetic foam manipulatives are chunky-sized for young learners. Teaching guide is filled with how-tos and instant activities.
Alphabet Letters & Pictures Super Set
Sentence-Building Tiles Super Set
212 easy-grip magnetic foam words, 16 easy- grip magnetic foam punctuation tiles and a
Magnetic Tabletop Learning Easel
A sturdy, self-standing white board easel. Features two 12" x 16" write on/ wipe off magnetic surfaces and folds flat for storage. Includes a teaching guide with lesson and activity ideas. Grades PreK–2 SC-989357 $19.99
228 letters, 52 pictures, 32-page guide. Grades PreK–1 1
24-page guide. Grades K–3 1 $55.99 SC-990927
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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