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Handwriting • Language Arts 77
Traditional Handwriting
Includes reproducible practice pages, one for each letter of the alphabet, plus a blank lined practice page, handy reference chart, and illustrations for each letter. 32 pages. $6.99 Each CD-0877 Beginning Manuscript. Grades K–2 CD-0886 Beginning Cursive. Grades 1–3 CD-0888 Cursive Practice. Grades 2–5
Multi-Sensory Handwriting Paper
Handwriting Practice
Motivate students with fun printing or cursive practice sheets. These ready-to- use worksheets provide daily focused practice. 120 pages. $9.99 Each CTP8205 Daily Printing Practice.
Grades K–2
CTP8206 Daily Cursive Writing Practice.
Daily Handwriting Practice
Based on the premise that frequent, focused practice leads to mastery and retention. Students practice writing letters, words, and sentences about a variety of content-area topics. 36-week progressive program. All grade levels. 112 pages. $20.99 Each
Grades 2–4
EMC790 EMC791 EMC792 EMC793
Traditional Manuscript Traditional Cursive Modern Manuscript Contemporary Cursive
Mindset Moments
Writing Practice
This new series provides creative writing practice while encouraging a growth mindset. Ready-to-use practice pages are perfect for independent use, either in class
or as homework. 48 pages.
$10.99 Each
NL-4690 Grades K–1 NL-4691 Grades 2–3
Cursive Writing
NL-4692 Grades 2–3 NL-4693 Grades 3+
This unique paper helps teach handwriting through two senses—sight and touch. The raised blue headlines and red baselines help students stay within the guidelines. Features a 5⁄8" ruling, 5⁄16" dotted midline and 5⁄16" skip space. Conforms to both D’NealianTM and Zaner-BloserTM handwriting styles. 101⁄2" x 8". 40 sheets. Grades K–1
Handwriting Paper Picture Story Paper
Composition Book, assorted colors Notebook Filler Paper
$6.39 PAC2470 PAC2472
Spiral Bound
$7.09 PAC2473 —
Patented writing paper helps students write more neatly by using innovative cues for proper spacing and alignment of letters and numbers. Great for literacy, math, and science. 48 sheets. $5.99 Each
Stop Light PaperTM
The combined use of the recogniz- able bright “Stop Light” colors helps children comprehend the concept of proper handwriting in a brand new way. With green at the top, meaning “start the letter”, yellow in the middle meaning “half way there”, and red on the bottom meaning “stop the letter”. 3⁄4" ruling. Heavy-weight paper, 81⁄2" x 11". Grades K–2
EU-805106 EU-805107 EU-805108
50-sheet pad 100 sheets 375 sheets
$6.85 $18.75
Raised Headlines & Baselines!
Smart StartTM Handwriting Series
Simply “start at the sky and pull down to the ground” to form letters correctly! Bold graphics and color-coded lines allow children to quickly understand the concept of lines and spaces. High quality paper allows children to erase easily. Available in loose sheet packs or as 48-page Story Books.
Writing Paper
Story Paper
100 Sheets $9.99
360 Sheets $24.99
Story Book $4.99
100 Sheets $9.99
360 Sheets $24.99
Grades K–1
Grades 1–2
Grades 1–2 Writing Paper
Grades K–1 Writing Paper
Grades K–1 Story Paper
1" line spacing
Grades 1–2 Story Paper
5⁄8" line spacing

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