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Articulation Box
Speaking & Listening Skills • Language Arts 79
This huge collection of wonderful objects represents 12 of the earli- est developing speech sounds.
It will involve children and make them want to talk! There are at least four objects for every sound, not only at the beginning of words, but in the middle and end of words as well. Includes more than 125 sensational, realistic miniatures, 13 object storage bags with labels, and an organiz- ing chart showing all the different ways the objects can be used. Grades PreK–4 1
Dry-erasable cover is removable to allow pictures to be placed behind the cover.
Sound Mirror
With simple record and play buttons, this mirror allows children to see themselves speak while making a voice recording up to 30 seconds long. High quality micro- phone pick-up and recording provide excellent clarity. Features 3 sound levels for use in different environments and a lock button to prevent important record- ings from being over-written. Includes
a wall slot and magnets for mounting. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. 43⁄4".
Speech Mirrors
Great for speech therapy or self-portraits, these durable scratch-resistant mirrors are 2mm thick.
Single-sided, 81⁄2" x 11"
Double-sided, 77⁄8" x 11"
Grades PreK+ 1 CTU9350
Photographic Learning Cards
Photographic Learning Card Classroom Set
Includes 90 photograph cards of People and Emotions, 275 photo- graph cards of Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives, 227 photograph cards of Early Learning Skills, plus 32 resource guide cards.
KE-D44047 $128.69
An effective tool for developing expressive and receptive language skills, building literacy skills, increasing vocabulary, sorting and classifying, and more. A great resource for early childhood, English Language Learners (ELL) and students with special needs. Grades K–5
Early Learning Skills
Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives
Includes Nouns: Everyday Objects; Nouns: Food; Nouns: Things at School; Verbs: Actions; Adjectives: Opposities; and Talk About a Child’s Day. Cards measure 41⁄2" x 51⁄2". 275 photo cards plus 13 resource guides.
People and Emotions
Includes Emotions, Families, Children Learning Together, and People in My Neighborhood. Cards measure 51⁄2" x 81⁄2". 90 photo cards plus 6 resource guides.
Includes Rhyming Pairs, Things That Go Together, Sorting and Classifying, Transportation, and Favorite Animals. Cards measure 41⁄2" x 51⁄2". 227 photo cards plus 18 resource guides.
KE-D44046 $48.99 KE-D44045 $53.99
Listening Lotto Games
Help children learn to listen carefully and make connections between what they hear and matching visual representations or illustrations! To play, students listen to the CD and place tokens on the images, words, or letters on their game cards that represent what they hear. Includes audio CD, 12 game cards, 120+ tokens, and instructions. Grades PreK–1
KE-846006 Sounds at Home $15.99 KE-846008 Outside Sounds $15.99 KE-846033 Alphabet Names & Sounds $15.99 KE-846007 Sounds on the Farm $15.99 KE-846032 Faces & Feelings $15.99 KE-846046 Community Helpers $16.99
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