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80 Language Arts • Phonemic Awareness & Phonics
See Me Read!
Introduce early readers to everyday words with fun and colorful books! Each book contains 3-5 high-frequency words, based on
Fry’s First 100 words. New words are coupled with pictures to create sentences and phrases that build early reading skills and confidence.
Wall Borders
Reading Level 1.0–1.9
Create a vibrant wall display for all to see, or use individually as jumbo flash cards! Each card is approx. 8" x 8". Grades PreK+
SEP107159 SEP107160 SEP107161 SEP107162 SEP107163 SEP107164 SEP107165 SEP107166
Fun Activities Animals
Explore Differences Be Creative! Happy and Healthy Neighborhood Fun Fun Places
Great Job!
JRL461 JRL462 JRL463 JRL464 JRL466
Letter Sounds, 22 cards Phonics, 26 cards Blends, 22 cards
Vowel Sounds, 18 cards 44 Sounds, 38 cards
$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
My Things, Your Things
Set of 6 books, 12 pages each.
Grades PreK–K
Reading Level 0.5–0.8 SEP107155 Describe It SEP107156 Fun Times SEP107157 Discover
Grade 1
$32.94 Each
Teaching Letters & Sounds
Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics Letters & Sounds is a synthetic phonics program that sys- tematically introduces different letter sounds in a week by week progression. Six phases of teaching include pho- nemic awareness, letter sounds, phonics, blends, vowel sounds and spelling rules. Comprehensive teacher’s manual covers teaching at each phase and provides word lists and activities according to the progression. 124 pages. Grades PreK–2
Non-Fiction Readers
Written using a strictly controlled vocabulary, these readers feature text using only decod- able regular words (according to a week by week progression) along with ‘tricky words’. Tricky words are words frequently used that are not decodable. Each set includes 12 read- ers with colorful photographic images. $19.99 Each
44 Sound Cards Mnemonic Cards for Teaching Letters & Sounds These full-color cards provide
a clear photographic image for each of the 44 sounds to act as a mnemonic for learning. Borders are color-coded according to a developmental progression.
71⁄4" x 43⁄4". 50 cards. Grades PreK–2
44 Sounds Chart
Double-sided board provides alternative spellings for all 44 sounds of the English language. Sounds are grouped into consonants, short vowels, digraphs, long vowels and r-controlled vowels. Other side displays the 49 most common digraph patterns. Folded and lami- nated on thick card, 11" x 17". Grades K+
JRL386 JRL387
JRL388 JRL389 JRL390
Phonemic Awareness. Guided Reading Level A
Letter Sounds. Guided Reading Level A–C
Phonics. Guided Reading Level B–D Blends. Guided Reading Level B–D Vowel Sounds. Guided Reading Level H–J
Spelling. Guided Reading Level I–K

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