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82 Language Arts • Phonics
Unifix® Reading Early Phonics Kit
Build foundational reading skills with this multi-sensory phonemic awareness kit! Set includes 90 CVC cubes, Early Phonics Activities book, and Early Phonics Word
Unifix® Reading Phonics Kit
Give early readers hands-on foundational skills practice! Set includes 180 CVC Cubes, 90 Blend cubes, Phonics Activities book, and Phonics Word Building Cards.
Building Cards. Includes enough materials for 2-3 students. Grade K 1 DD-211277
Includes enough materials for 2-3 students. Grades 1–2 1 DD-211278
Ideal for Small Groups!
Ideal for Small Groups!
Jumbo Alphabet
Unifix® Cubes
Learn letters and build words with these easy-to-connect jumbo 11⁄2" cubes! Includes 26 alphabet cubes (red vow- els and blue consonants) and 4 blank cubes. Activity ideas included. Grades PreK–K
Unifix® Reading Word Building Cards
Each set includes 50 two-sided, illustrated cards to practice phonics and word build- ing skills. Unifix Cubes sold separately. $10.99 Each
CVC Cubes
Unifix® Starter Sets
Use Blends Cubes together with CVC Cubes to create thousands of sounds and words! Each set includes plastic storage container and teacher guide. Set of 90. Grades K–3   1
Blends Cubes
Includes the most frequently used two-letter initial blends, medial blends, digraphs and diphthongs. DD-2828 $19.99
DD-211412 DD-211415
Grade K Grades 1–2
Large Unifix®
CVC Magnets
With magnets over 2" square, this set includes
90 color-coded consonant and vowel cubes and 10 blank cubes. These large magnets can be seen from the back of the classroom. Grades K–5
DD-2738 $23.99
Single-letter cubes (blue consonants and red vowels) feature lower case on one side, upper case on the other.
DD-2810 $19.99
Unifix® Word Ladders
Complete a series of words by changing one sound at each step down. Teaching notes and answers are included. Designed for use
with Unifix Letter Cubes, sold separately. 31⁄2" x 16". Set of 12. $8.99 Each
DD-2864 CVC Words, Grades K–2 DD-2865 Blends, Grades 1–3
Sound Sorting with Objects
A wide variety of irresistible objects will actively engage young students in discriminating among similiar sounds,
and in connecting those sounds to the letters that represent them. Each kit includes dozens of objects organized by individual sound, 4 two-sided sorting mats with 2, 3, 4, and 5 columns, header cards with target sound and illustration, and a Sound Sorting guidebook. Grades PreK–2 1
PC-1040 Consonant Sounds, 100 objects $99.95 PC-1042 Word Families, 50 objects $69.95 PC-1041 Vowel Sounds, 67 objects $79.95 PC-1043 Blends & Digraphs, 83 objects $99.95
Complete Kit
Includes all 4 kits, 300 objects, 4 sorting mats, and
Sound Sorting guidebook PC-1044 $249.00
An exciting word building game that teaches phonemic awareness, letter patterns and positioning. Covers different letter combinations including consonants, vowels, digraphs, and blends. Contains
4 Spelligators, 75 letter tiles, game guide and word list. 2-4 players. Grades K+ 1 JRL100 $29.99
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