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Phonics • Language Arts 83
2-Sided Mats
Word Shark:
Short Vowels Game
Draw a consonant tile from the pile and try to add it to a word ending on your mat to make a word. If the letter cannot be used to spell
a word, return it to the pile. Then the next player draws a tile and tries to make a word. The first player to fill a mat with words wins! Variations allow for crossword puzzles, center activities, cooperative activities, or timed contests! Grades 1+ 1
Mailbox Phonics
“Special delivery” for sound discrimination and phonemic awareness! Mailbox Phonics includes 6 sturdy plastic mailboxes with pull-down mail slots and secret sliding doors for emptying the mailbox and checking answers. The 293 color-coded picture cards, organized by sound, engage children with their compact size, fun graphics, and letter clues printed on each card. Grades PreK–3
CVC Spelling Board Games
Ideal for small groups, each game reinforces the phonemic awareness operations of
isolating, blending, and segmenting. Six games on heavy card-
board with all the spinners, dice, counters and
answer cards needed. Gameboards are 11" x 17". Grades K–2
DD-195181 $36.99
Match & Learn
JRL492 JRL493 JRL495 JRL494 JRL491 JRL490 JRL480
Beginning Sounds Short Vowels Long Vowels Blends
First Words Rhyming Words Word Family
Children will love the feel of real dominoes as they play these early literacy match- ing games! Each set includes 28 thick plastic dominoes in a collectors tin for storage. Grades PreK+ $9.99 Each
6-Game Value Packs for Early Literacy Skills
These fun games and activities introduce children to letter sounds and patterns and how they make up words. Following a systematic synthetic phonics approach, each set of games is designed to be played in progression as skills are mastered. Begin with Phonemic Awareness, followed by Letter Sounds, and finally Phonics. A wonderfully fun and engaging way to to prepare children for reading success! 1
6 Phonemic Awareness Games
Voice sounds, rhyming, volume, alliteration, and matching sounds. Includes 2 double-sided board games, 1 cardboard megaphone, 20 sound cards, and 32 rhyming cards. Grades PreK+
JRL409 $19.99
6 Letter Sound Games
Final sounds, short vowels, decoding captions, de- coding words, CVC, and beginning sounds. Includes 2 double-sided board games, 2 matching games, 10 word puzzles, 5 flower puzzles, spinner, counters, and die. Grades K+
JRL400 $19.99
6 Phonics Games
Double vowels, r-controlled vowels, digraphs,
long vowel words, decoding words, and decoding sentences. Includes 2 double-sided board games,
2 matching games, 10 word puzzles, 16 dominoes, spinner and counters. Grades 1+
JRL401 $19.99
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