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Rhyming & Word Families • Language Arts 85
Snap-n-LearnTM Rhyming Pups
Colorful puppy friends snap together and pull apart to make rhyming words. Set includes 10 heads and 10 tails that can be mixed and matched to make over 55 rhyming words. Includes a sturdy storage bucket with handle. Each pup measures 41⁄2"L x 2"H. Grades PreK+
LER6705 $19.99
Word Family Notebook
This 30-page notebook gives children practice writing words for 25 common word families. 91⁄4" x 71⁄2". Grades K–1
Mailbox bottoms slide open to easily remove the “mail.”
• Auditory discrimination
• Phonemic awareness
• Sound-symbol correspondence
PC-3900 Set of 5 PC-3901 Set of 20
$8.95 $29.95
Cut & Paste
Word Family Sentences
Step-by-step directions tell how to use the word fam- ily words on each page to teach an entire lesson. Stu- dents tackle each scrambled word family sentence word by word, put the words in the correct order, and then practice reading the words within the context of the sentence. The partially completed illustration on each sentence page gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension through discus- sion and creative expression. 96 pages. Grades K–1
Rhyming Post Office
Hands-on sound sorting fun! Lessons follow a careful developmental sequence, progressing from simple CVC words with different initial consonants to more difficult discriminations, including rhymes with more than one spelling pattern. Includes 4 sorting mailboxes, 96 picture cards for 25 word families, card storage box with labeled dividers, and guide. Grades PreK–2
PC-1880 $39.95
Word Family Readers
Help kids become better readers, writers, and spellers with these lively tales that teach the top 16 word families! Box set includes: 5 copies of 16 titles (80 books total), 48-page teaching guide filled with lessons, reproducibles, assessment sheets, and more. Grades K–2
A fun way to practice word building! Color-coded foam magnets include 55 word families, 25 blends/digraphs, and 20 consonants. 100 pieces. ASH40007
Word Families
Bulletin Board Set
This colorful set helps develop phonemic awareness and improve decoding skills. Includes 30 key word families, 4 write-on/wipe off cards to customize, and a teaching guide. 35 pieces.
SC-823627 $12.99
Word Chunking
Foam Magnets
Big Box of Word Chunks
Introduce word families, initial consonants, initial consonant blends, and diagraphs by creating fun two-piece word puzzles! Includes 220 puzzle pieces (approx. 11⁄4" x 21⁄4") that are color-coded according to the vowel sounds in the word families and the begin- ning sounds. Grades 1–3
Plays like “Concentration” and develops power in phonics, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary development and visual memory. Includes 70
of the most common rimes (rhyming sounds) and 70 onsets (consonants, consonant blends, and digraphs). Grades 1–4 1
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