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86 Language Arts • Word Building
Word Construction
Start with consonant, vowel, consonant to make a word. Then, turn any piece to make a new word. Students can prog- ress to making longer words, with each bolt holding up to 4 nuts. Includes 6 bolts, 30 printed nuts (enough for mul-
Building Words Phonics Center
Kids get plenty of hands-on practice building words as they learn to identify word patterns, recognize letter-sound relationships, and increase their vocabulary. Set includes 6 word-building categories: beginning sounds, blends and digraphs, ending sounds, word families, vowel sounds, and double vowels. Grades PreK+ 1 LR-2375
A handy tool for building CVC words! Set contains 70 Tri-Blocks® cover- ing beginning, middle and final sounds as well as 30 word building cards
with real photography. Grades PreK+
JRL176 JRL178
Tri-Blocks® CVC Tub. Set of 90 $29.99 CVC Builders Activity Cards. Set of 48 $14.99
tiple students), and Activity Guide. Bolts measure approxi-
mately 5"L, nuts approximately 21⁄2"W. Grades K+
LER5044 $24.99
Word Building Dominoes
Make Hundreds of Words!
Perfect for beginning reading activities, including word building, rhyming, phonics and much more. Includes 200+ color-coded dominoes featuring root words, prefixes, and suffixes all packed in a handy storage bucket. Grades 2+ 1
CVC Toolbox
Tri-Blocks® CVC Tub & Activity Cards
Build words with Tri-Blocks® and learn consonants and short vowels (CVC). Turn each block and manipulate the middle vowel sound or change a spelling with a consonant. Tri-Blocks® let children know spelling rules by their color coding and unique block orien- tations. Use alone or with self-checking Activity Cards, sold separately. Grades PreK–3
Word Building Cubes
Roll a Word
Word Whiz
Electronic Flash CardTM
Build as many 3-, 4- and 5- letter words as you can in 60 seconds! Combine beginning letters and blends with word families for word-building practice. Three skill levels challenge students further. Includes vol- ume control. 5"L x 4"H. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. Grades K+
LER6964 $24.99
Students will be amazed by the hundreds of words they can create! 11⁄4" white cubes feature red vow- els and black consonants. Consonant blends and vowel pairs also included. Set of 20. Grades PreK–3 PC-3938 $24.95
Help children develop spelling and word formation with Roll a Word dice. Simply roll the dice and group them together to form words. Contains 10 dice and handy carry sack. Grades PreK–4 1
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