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92 Language Arts • Word Study
Go Figure!
Exploring Figurative Language
Students will explore idioms through different content areas to develop skills in writing, word mean- ings, and using context clues. With a focus on figures of speech, including idioms and proverbs, each valu- able resource supports the development of college and career readiness skills. Digital resources
Interactive Notebooks: Word Study
Interactive notebooks provide a fun, creative way for students to improve comprehension while
they organize information and apply new skills in their own personalized learning portfolios. Each book features lesson plans, step-by-step instruc- tions, and reproducibles to guide teachers through creating and maintaining interactive notebooks throughout the year. 96 pages. $9.99 Each
Teaching Phonics & Word Study
in the Intermediate Grades
2nd Edition
This invaluable resource contains everything teach- ers need to help struggling readers in the upper grades. In addition to ready-to-use lessons, extensive word lists, and quick assessments, this new edition offers step-by-step syllabication support, daily activi- ties and games for combining multisyllabic word and vocabulary learning, a comprehensive phonics survery, technology support, and more! 368 pages. Grades 3–8
SC-811348 $33.99
Unlocking Analogies
Guides students through the process for solving analogies and builds critical thinking and vocabulary skills. Students will learn how to read analogies, the types of words used in analogies, and how to identify the relationships in
included. 136 pages. SEP51625 Grades 2–4 SEP51626 Grades 5–8
Quick Stick® Word Walls
$15.99 Each
CD-104946 Grade K CD-104947 Grade 1 CD-104948 Grade 2
CD-104949 Grade 3 CD-104950 Grade 4 CD-104951 Grade 5
The Quick Stick® line is self-adhesive, sticking to most smooth surfaces like wood, metal, even paint- ed cinder blocks. The pieces come down as easily
as they go up–without damaging your walls. Plus, they can be repositioned over and over again. Each set includes 100 high frequency words and 26 color- coded letters, displaying both upper- and lowercase. $24.99 Each
Grade K
Grade 1
Grade 2
analogies. 48 pages.
SV-9781419033902 SV-9781419033919 SV-9781419033926
Idiom of the Week
$7.99 Each
Grades 2–3 Grades 4–5 Middle School
Word of the Day
Build a lifelong love of words with these 10-minute-a- day oral vocabulary lessons. Your class will look for- ward to each day’s new Word Story, featuring the very large and loquacious Wordly family. Follow-up activi- ties engage children actively in building meaning and making each word a part of their language repertoire. Spiral bound book. 192 pages. Grades K–3
These short, weekly oral language lessons make learning idioms “a piece of cake.” Includes color- ful phrases such as “in the same boat,” and easily misstated idioms such as “look up to.” Spiral bound book. 64 pages. Grades K–3
PC-1254 $13.95
Figurative Language Bulletin Board Set
These colorful 12" x 17" mini posters illustrate seven types of figu- rative language: Similie, Metaphor, Idiom, Hyperbole, Aliteration, Onomatopoeia and Personification. Teacher guide and eight mini signs with additional example phrases are also included. EU-847095 $13.99
Must-Know Idioms Bulletin Board Set
Your students will be tickled pink by this humorous bulletin board, which features popular idioms and their definitions. Includes activity guide. 19 pieces. SC-553073 $12.99

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