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94 Language Arts • Games & Activities
Language Dice
A fun way to engage students in language skills practice! Roll the large soft dice and create sentences, discuss the meaning of text, generate story ideas, and more. Six 15⁄8" dice per set. $12.99 Each
Comprehension Dice, Grades 1+
Grammar Dice, Grades 1+
Language Arts Activity Cards
Full-color, laminated cards offer 50 language activities right at your fingertips! The front side provides teaching objectives, resources used and procedure. The other side gives visual examples presented with clear photography. Perfect for use in learning centers, small groups, or with the whole class.
Sentence Dice, Grades K+
Punctuation Dice, Grades 1+
Story Starter Dice, Grades PreK+
Each set contains 50 double-sided activity cards, 71⁄4" x 43⁄4".
$14.99 Each
Story Starters. Grades 1+ Comprehension. Grades 1+ Debating. Grades 2+ NEW!
JRL350 Speaking. Grades PreK+
JRL351 Phonemic Awareness. Grades PreK+ JRL353 Letters & Sounds. Grades PreK+
Bingo Games
A fun way to practice math skills! Each set contains 4 boards and 24 cards. 2–4 players. $9.99 Each
JRL354 JRL355 JRL358
Language Arts Learning Centers
JRL540 JRL541 JRL542 JRL543 JRL544 JRL545
Picture. Grades PreK+ Farm. Grades PreK+ Alphabet. Grades PreK+ Rhyming. Grades PreK+ CVC. Grades PreK+ Sight Word. Grades K+
Each easy-to-use learning center includes a self-checking Curriculum Mastery® game, 30 illustrated question cards, game pieces, 4 laminated 11" x 17" Visual Learning GuidesTM, and student instructions. Perfect for use in groups of 2–4 students. Grades 1–2 $24.95 Each
NP-221910 NP-221911 NP-221912 NP-221914 NP-221915 NP-221920
Beginning Sounds NP-221916 Ending Sounds NP-221917 Consonant Blends NP-221923 Short Vowels NP-221924 Long Vowels NP-221927 Vowel Digraphs NP-221928
T-6062 T-6067
Bingo Games
Nouns Pronouns Contractions Syllables Verbs Sentences
Skill Drill Flash Cards
Proven effective for building basic skills and reinforcing learning programs. 3" x 6" cards are self-checking, colorful, durable, and feature rounded corners for quick sorting. Grades PreK+ $7.99 Each T-53012 Alphabet, 80 cards
T-53004 Picture Words, 96 cards T-53005 More Picture Words, 96 cards T-53008 Vowels and Vowel Teams,
72 cards
T-53003 Sight Words, 96 cards
T-53013 Action Words, 96 cards T-53014 Word Families, 96 cards T-53017 Sight Words–Level 1, 96 cards T-53018 Sight Words–Level 2, 96 cards T-53019 Sight Words–Level 3, 96 cards
Unique, six- and eight-way formats adapt to a variety of skill levels. Each game includes 36 playing cards, over 200 chips, caller’s mat and cards, and a sturdy storage box. 3-36 players. $10.99 Each
T-6062 Alphabet, Grades PreK+ T-6067 Rhyming, Grades PreK+ T-6063 Picture Words, Grades K+ T-6064 Sight Words Level 1, Grades K+ T-6076 Sight Words Level 2, Grades K+ T-6132 Homophones, Grades 3+ T-6134 Parts of Speech, Grades 3+ T-6140 Prefixes and Suffixes, Grades 3+ T-6131 Synonyms, Grades 4+

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