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3-D Reading
Children read a short, charming story, then choose the appropriate objects and place them in the correct spots on the illustration. Children experience the joy of “getting it”—of moving beyond just recognizing and decoding isolated words on a page, to truly understanding the meaning of passages they have read.
Each set includes 15 laminated, illustrated story cards, plus 17 charming, detailed miniature objects and a guide. 1 $29.95 Each
Level 1
PC-5201 Stories include consonant-vowel- consonant (CVC) words and basic beginning sight words. Grades K–1
Level 2
PC-5202 Stories include “magic e ” words, consonant
blends, conso-
nant and vowel digraphs, and more difficult, but essential, sight words. Grades 1–2
6 Comprehension Games
This value pack includes 6 different games cover- ing simple understanding of words and meaning. Teaching topics include comprehension with ques- tions and sentences, inference, reading for mean- ing, and fact or opinion. Contains 2 board games, 2 matching games, 20 sentence puzzles, die, counters and game guide with instructions. Grades 1+ 1
Hands-On Reading Skills • Language Arts 95
The Reading Game 2nd Edition
A fast-action word game for beginning and struggling readers!
This fast paced memory card game with picture flashcards and content-rich storybooks can help ANY child learn to read without frustration. The staged learning format ensures reading success–even for struggling readers. Teaches Dolch and High Frequency Sight Words and builds confidence in reading. Perfect for reading intervention! Grades K–2
Reading Guide Strips 71⁄4" x 11⁄4" $.99 Each
Yellow ASH10800 Blue ASH10801 Pink ASH10803 Orange ASH10804 Green ASH10805
Big Reading Guide Strips 7" x 33⁄4" $1.99 Each ASH10820 ASH10821 ASH10822 ASH10823 ASH10824 ASH10825 ASH10827 ASH10828 ASH10829
Full Page
Full Page Reading Guides 81⁄2" x 11" $2.99 Each ASH10830 ASH10831 ASH10832 ASH10833 ASH10834 ASH10835 ASH10836 ASH10837 ASH10838
From the author of the Wordly Wise Vocabulary series!
Comprehension Blast Off
Reading Guide Strips
Big Reading Guide Strips
Blast off with reading comprehension! Players start on the Earth side and
work their way up to blasting off into space by answering questions covering concepts such as Main Idea, Inference, Context Clues, Figurative Language, and other essential comprehension skills. Includes 4 double-sided game boards and 140 content-rich question cards with two levels to keep students challenged. 2-4 players. Grades 2+ 1
Reading Guide Strips
Designed to aid students and adults with reading difficulties such as skipping words or lines, reversing or transposing letters, losing your place, rereading lines, concentration, and many others. Made from heavy duty, durable vinyl material.
Purple ASH10807 Gray ASH10808 Aqua ASH10809
Comprehension Cubes
Full Page Reading Guides
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Reading Guide Set
Starter set for reading specialists,
9 different colors.
Liven up your reading discussion with these foam cubes that have comprehen- sion questions on each side. Students answer the questions before reading (red cubes), during reading (blue cubes) and after reading (green cubes). For individual or group use. Each cube measures 15⁄8". Set of 6. Grades 1+
LER7022 $12.99

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