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96 Language Arts • Reading Assessment & Intervention
Stretch & Catch Words
Teach Your Child to Read
in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!
Stretch & Catch Words is an innovative, develop- mentally appropriate method designed to enable everyone from the concerned parent/caregiver to the professional educator, help teach a child how
to read. By using many of their senses to see how words are formed, children will begin to understand how words work. All children, including children with learning difficulties or disabilities can benefit from this 10 minute a day approach. 137 pages.
EZ-5380 $24.99
Differentiating Reading
Includes CD with 100+ Forms!
The Reading
Intervention Toolkit
This practical resource offers classroom-tested in- terventions to use with struggling readers in 5-, 10 to 15-, and 30 to 40-minute settings. It provides support for everything from assessment to management and implementation, to support students’ comprehen- sion of both literary and informational text. Supports college and career readiness. Digital resources avail- able. 272 pages. Grades 4–8
SEP51513 $45.99
Instruction for Success with RTI
Margo Southall shares classroom-tested tools for differentiating reading instruction within an RTI framework: assessment strategies; “when-then” charts describing a menu of intervention options; techniques for forming and managing small groups; guidelines and practical tips for implementing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions; and so much more.
304 pages + CD. Grades K–3
SC-521486 $34.99
180 Days of Reading
Practice, Assess, Diagnose
Provides short passages for students to practice reading comprehension, word study, phonics,
and written response to literature. Helps to build students’ concentration and stamina for reading complex texts. Aligned to both fiction and nonfiction standards. Supports college and career readiness. Digital resources available. 248 pages. $19.99 Each
CD-104657 Grade K CD-104658 Grade 1 CD-104659 Grade 2
CD-104660 Grade 3 CD-104661 Grade 4 CD-104662 Grade 5
build understanding. 128 pages.
$16.99 Each
SEP50921 SEP50922 SEP50923 SEP50924
Grade K SEP50925 Grade 4 Grade 1 SEP50926 Grade 5 Grade 2 SEP50927 Grade 6 Grade 3
Standards-Based Connections: Reading
Focused, comprehensive practice pages and I Can statements on every page guide students to reflection and exploration of deeper learning! Grade-specific, coherent content progresses in difficulty to achieve optimum fluency. Each book includes a skill assessment, a Common Core State Standards alignment matrix, and an answer key. 96 pages. $9.99 Each
Reading Intervention:
Foundations for Success
High-interest fiction and nonfiction reading passages and guided practice help struggling readers master foun- dational reading skills. Scaffolded practice targets spe- cific skills including Main Idea, Predictions, Inferences, Plot, Character, Context Clues, and more. Interactive reader response questions engage students and help
Everyday Intervention Activities
Instant classroom interventions for phonics, vocabulary and comprehension instruction! Each grade-specific volume offers
20+ ready-to-use 5-day units targeting a specific skill or strategy. Includes quick and easy mini-lessons, 100+ fun and engaging practice activities, end-of-week assessments, plus free pre- and post-assessments available online. 108-186 pages. $19.99 Each
SV-9780547898858 SV-9780547898261 SV-9780547898384
Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
NL-0414 NL-0415 NL-0416
Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2
NL-0417 Grade 3 NL-0418 Grade 4 NL-0419 Grade 5
NL-0157 Grade K NL-0158 Grade 1 NL-0159 Grade 2
NL-0160 Grade 3 NL-0161 Grade 4 NL-0162 Grade 5
NL-0408 Grade K NL-0409 Grade 1 NL-0410 Grade 2
NL-0411 Grade 3 NL-0412 Grade 4 NL-0413 Grade 5
Profile as a reader
Form: 2.1
Differentiating Reading Instruction for Success With RTI © 2011 by Margo Southall • Scholastic Teaching Resources
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